❤️ Autauga County School Calendar 2022-2023 ❤️ [PDF]

Are you looking forward to planning the academic education for your kids who are studying in the district school of Autauga county? Well, you should then consider taking the Autauga County School Calendar along for the same cause. We are fortunately here providing the same calendar for all our readers who belong to this school district.

The calendar is useful for the kids who are studying under the school district and also for their parents to let them know about the whole schooling schedule. In this calendar, we have compiled a comprehensive schedule of all the term dates, holidays, and the overall yearly academic activities of the school. So we believe that the calendar is highly ideal for all the students to plan and simplify their academic lives ahead.

Autauga County School

Autauga is the name of the county that is located in the American province of Alabama. This district school comes from the same county and provides elementary and primary academic education to the kids. The highlight of the school district is that it offers education at many more affordable prices than all the private schools in the region.

So all those scholars who can’t afford their admission and education in private schools can simply go ahead with this district school. With the academic calendar of the district school in the article, they can also plan their academic year ahead.

Autauga County School Calendar 2022-2023

The thing with the school calendar is that they are always preferred in a very high demand by the scholars to plan for their academic year. Indeed the calendars do their job by bringing the whole yearly schedule of the concerned schools for a given year. Similarly, the Autauga County school calendar also serves the students in the same way by bringing the yearly calendar of school. The calendar contains all the academic activities of the district school which take place around the year.

School Holidays Starts Finishes
First Day of School 10 Aug 2022
Thanksgiving Break 21 Nov 2022
25 Nov 2022
Christmas Break 19 Dec 2022
3 Jan 2023
Spring Break 20 Mar 2023
24 Mar 2023
Last Day of School 26 May 2023
Summer Break 29 May 2023

From the student’s point of view, it is highly significant for them to be aware of these academic activities to plan their schedule in a good manner. This is simply the reason why all the students of this district county school should consider getting this calendar for themselves. They can, fortunately, find all the concerned calendars of the school in our article ahead.

Autauga School Holidays 2022-2023

School holidays are the other significant days for the county schools which should also be kept into high consideration. These are the days during which the schools remain closed for regular classes. There could the several causes for the holidays such as festivals, federal holidays, and other events. Students are supposed to keep the dates of these holidays in their consideration for all the right reasons. Since they want to allocate their time holidays to other non-academic activities thus they should plan for it.

Date School Calendar Day
21 Feb 2022 School begins for students Monday
1 Apr 2022 Spring Term ends Friday
19 Apr 2022 Summer Term begins for students Tuesday
6 Jun 2022 School begins for students Monday
21 July 2022 Summer Term ends Thursday
5 Sept 2022 Autumn Term begins for students Monday
16 Dec 2022 Autumn Term ends – 12.25 PM finish for students Friday
4 January 2023 Spring Term begins for students Wednesday
20 Feb 2023 School begins for students Monday
31 March 2023 Spring Term ends Friday
17 Apr 2023 Summer Term begins for students Monday
5 June 2023 School begins for students Monday
21 July 2023 Summer Term ends Friday

The best planning of the holidays is always possible with the holiday calendar of the school. In this calendar, the students can find the whole schedule of the holidays around the year on different dates. They can subsequently plan these days in a better and more comprehensive manner with the proper information of these days.

Autauga School Calendar 2022-2023

The significance of the school calendar is always irreplaceable in the lives of all the scholars who are studying in the school. The reason is simply the fact of academic information that the calendar brings with it. This information contains all the academic activities of the schools which are directly relevant to the students. With this information, they can plan their personal and academic lives in the utmost harmony.

Date Schedule Day
23 Feb 2022 Year 8 – HPV vaccination first dose Wednesday
24 Feb 2022 Year 8 – Parents’ and Carers’ Evening Thursday
3 March 2022 Year 8 – Preference Evening Thurday
14 March 2022 COVID-19 Vaccination consent is due Monday
17 March 2022 Year 9 – Parents’ and Carers’ Evening Thursday
22 March 2022 COVID-19 Vaccination for students Tuesday
23 March 2022 COVID-19 Vaccination for students Wednesday
24 March 2022 Year 9 – Options Evening Thursday
2 May 2022 Bank Holiday Monday
8 June 2022 Parent/Carer Forum Wednesday
24 June 2022 Inset Day Friday
29 Sept 2022 Open Evening (September 2023 Admission) Thursday
30 Sept 2022 Inset Day Friday
25 Nov 2022 Inset Day Friday
17 Dec 2 Jan 2023 Christmas Holidays —-

Besides knowing the academic activities of the school is also necessary for the cause of seeking decent productivity. Since schooling kids have the much hectic schedule to follow thus with the academic calendar they can simply do it for themselves. Our Autauga district school calendar serves the same job for all the students around. The information that the calendar contains is accurate and up to date for the reference of students.

Autauga School Terms 2022-2023

Term dates in a very simple language are the active days of academic classes for the schools. These are the days when the students are supposed to be active in their academics at school. The days don’t include the holidays or the other types of breaks that cause the school to remain shut. This is why the term dates are quite significant in themselves from the perspective of both the distinct school and the students as well.

Term Start End
Half Term 30 May 2022 3 June 2022
Half Term 24 Oct 2022 28 Oct 2022
Half Term 13 Feb 2023 17 Feb 2023
Half Term 29 May 2023 2 June 2023

Keeping the same thing in our consideration we have developed this dedicated calendar here for the Autauga school district. The calendar comes with all the term dates scheduled for the year ending 2022-2023 and is highly relevant for all the students of the school. The calendar ensures to bring the ultimate ease to all the scholars so that they don’t miss any term dates scheduled for the school ahead.

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